Thursday, November 11, 2004


When Sara is done with something, say, eating, she hollers, "OOOOOOoooooooDONE!" until you come and let her out of her highchair and let her scamper off to her next project. For the last 2 weeks, between 1 and 2 am, she wakes, screaming "OOOOOOoooooDONE! SLEEPING! MOMMY!" She is not kidding. So, up I get and rescue her from her crib, tottering back to bed and prayers of resumed sleep. If I have let her cry for a few minutes before getting her, she usually snuggles up and drops right off. Too soon and she is too playful and it will be hours. Too late, she drops off but I am awakeawakeawake and it will be hours. As with most things, timing is everything. Can't say I am sad, though. The snuggles are lovely. Poor Charles, though, usually ends up with her feet drumming his flanks. Off to the couch for him. Good thing the new couch is so comfortable.

Yesterday I did my monthly afternoon working for the county family planning clinic. Very busy, very fun in a seat-of-the-pants sort of way. All the more so as we linked it to the STD clinic last month. Yesterday I was scheduled every 15 minutes. There were 6 patients scheduled for the 1pm slot. One of the nurses working with me (usually I have 2-3 nurses running with me) was horrified. She is new. She was worried about the schedule. She will learn. Sort of like parenting. So, we ran, laughed, helped people get what they needed, went through many a speculum and culture swab, dispensed contraceptives of various nature and kind, and educated until our tongues were stretched to our knees. We were always horribly late, but not as late as we should have been. One of the things I love most about that clinic is that is is so collaborative and there is always a way to get something done. That and the people are just so damn funny. Wipes you out, though. Went home, kissed the kids and got them to bed and crashed myself. That is until 1 am.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

cannot *believe* i missed seeing S & C (C&S?) last summer. but that, i guess, is the disadvantage of being worldly. hence, am really glad you have made a blog, as now I can just bookmark and check back regularly to get my fill of cute-nephew/niece stories. mom, needless to say, is thrilled and sent me the link about three times. radness +1, sis!

now, if only we can get gail on one of these things, mom'll never leave the computer, and i'll only have dad to deal with...

<3 K (since we seem to be initial-centric here)

2:21 AM  
Blogger Diana said...

So great to hear from you. Hope the standardized tesing-o-rama went well. This seemed like a good way to keep up with everyone as well as journal. Plus, what a great time waster! We should all have one. Gives you such a self-agrandizing feeling of power. Dad is coming out soon and he can help me with some modifications I want and to get the picture thing going, if I can't figure it out by then.

10:00 AM  

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