Sunday, September 14, 2008

Long. So....?

It's been just shy of four years that my fingers have been typing out this dreck. And I've enjoyed every bit and then some. Just shy of 4 years and over 350 posts.

From time to time, over the past years, I'd wondered how long I would write this. Somewhere less than 50 years, I figured.

I also wondered how I'd know when it was time to stop. Would I fade away or would I "just know".

Guess it's both. I'll fade away just knowing that I'm done.

My tale isn't told, thankfully. I may even, from time to time, come back and throw something up, purely for the joy of putting words to screen: The further tales of life as a medical resident and then a terrified attending physician. (Scariest night of my life? That first night on call as an attending.) More on the front lines of the garden wars. Even another wretched haiku or 10. The thug deer. The large grey goose who thinks she's a goat, who lives on the farm down the road. (The llama seems to have moved on, I haven't seen him shunning the pretty ponies for months.) Beaker the mailbox and his repeated pummelling by the snow plow of death.

But not now. Not for a while; a long, long while, most likely.

And that's not fair to anyone who still checks in here, from time to time, out of friendship.

I'll genuinely miss all of you, especially those of you (you know who you are, yes you do) who've become real friends over the years, many (though not all, sadly) whom I've had the sheer unmitigated delight to meet and squeeze tightly in real time and space. I love you all.

I'll likely be stopping in to see what's up in your lives from time to time, perhaps more often now, that I'm letting myself off the hook from the guilt of the dangling site.

So, one more big, sloppy hug and a slightly snuffly kiss from me to you.

At least for now.

So long.