Friday, November 12, 2004

Good thing he has good self-esteem

As every parent knows, each birthday heralds a trip to the pediatrician to get that all important check up. The big question is always: How many shots? So this morning we loaded up and hit the road. We have a marvelous pediatrician. He is warm, very knowledgeable, and, if possible, seems even more concerned about my kids' health than I am. (Not more than my husband, mind you, but that is another blog.) And he lights up the room when he walks in. I dare you not to smile in delight when you see him, as he makes you feel like your coming to see him is the best thing to happen all week.

Sara at 2 is immune to the charms of delightful Dr P.

He tried his level best to get the slightest glance and when she did remove her face from my shoulder, it was to glare at him with the suspicion of 1000 CIA agents. CIA agents you came across while carrying a bag marked in Arabic letters, that was ticking, as you ran past multiple airport security guards. It was not pretty. But Dr P never stopped smiling or trying. And in the end, Sara did accept a sticker from him. Gravely. No shots, either, not until she is 5.

Of course, she held that sticker in her hand all the 45 min drive home (yes, he is worth driving 90 min to see) and when we pulled in to the garage announced that she, "Saw Doctor!" and wanted to, "See Doctor again!"

Little goofball.



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