Friday, December 17, 2004

Happy Birthday, Booboli Boo

Today Colin is 6. He has graduated to needing 2 hands to show his age.

He is, of course, extremely excited, so much so that he woke at 3am and spent an hour talking to poor Charles on the couch. Charles, in the throes of a viral snot-and-phlegm fest, was already up on the couch, so it was some father and son bonding. Colin joining him in the snuffing and coughing. (I know this as I was awake, too, in the nice warm flannel-and-down bed, not the couch.) If it takes a wise man who knows his own son, Charles is a guru.

They both nodded off at about 4 am, thank God. I had visions of a newly-minted 6-yr-old at school today with a whopping 7 hours of sleep (hey, that's 45 minutes to you and me) trying to cope with the intricacies of ornament and cookie decoration day. I laid plans and contingency plans until I dropped off at 3:55 am. Fortunately, they were needless, and he was his bright and excited self at breakfast today.

I was one of the half-dozen parent volunteers at the annual insane kindergarten ornament and cookie decoration day. All 4 of the kindergarten classes do this simultaneously. They make about 5 different, rather elaborate, ornaments involving lots of sequins, felt, beads and glue and then head out to the tables in the hall to slather teeth-aching amounts of bright frosting onto cut-out cookies that are then covered in sprinkles and candies. They then eat the cookies on the spot. Colin's teacher is so wise. It seems the custodians are responsible for cleaning up the halls and the teachers for cleaning up the classrooms. Judging from the color of Colin's face, he favored blue frosting. And it was all accomplished in something like 90 minutes. I am still in awe. So, Colin went off to not eat lunch with his classmates and I went home with Sara and decorated the kitchen in ridiculous amounts of streamers for the party tonight.

The holiday concert last night was everything I had expected. Fortunately, the kindergarteners went on first. Each and every one of them shouting out the last 1/2 of each verse (as they didn't remember the words, exactly) and waving their arms around. It was truly priceless. Sara was not impressed, though, and was very incensed that the lights were turned down for the performance. She tried to point out this obvious error to those in charge, bellowing at the top of her remarkably large lungs, "TURN ON THE LIGHTS!!!! TURN ON THE LIGHTS!!!!!! LIGHTS ON!!!!!" At the age of 2, she can be either contained or quieted, not both. We fled as Colin's class left the stage and skedaddled with him. Not bad. Both kids in bed by 8 and us with our feet up while every other parent for 20 miles was sitting on bleachers or metal folding chairs listening to the school song, which is set to the tune of "It's a Small World". No joke. Heh. Heh. Heh.

And, there we are. Just waiting for Charles to come home with pizza and chocolate frosted chocolate cake with professionally done Scooby Doo motif, and for friends to show up to help consume and sing.

So, happy birthday, Booboli Boo. Best guy in the world. May this year hold as much joy for you as you bring to us, amazing, wonderful, 6-year-old boy. Can't wait to see it with you! And to play with your new toys. Good thing you share, huh?



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