Thursday, December 16, 2004

Idiots, All

Idiotic credit card companies.

In the mail yesterday 2-yr-old Sara received a credit card application.

Now we are sadly used to getting these unwelcome offers to get sucked into more debt. I honestly can say that it has probably been years since the mail has come and there was no piece of junk mail credit card offer in it. Years. The current record in one day's mail was 6 separate credit card offers. We have reached 5 more than once. I assume we are no different than most. We have never taken them up on any of these offers. We shred them as soon as we get in the door. We are obviously on multiple "potential sucker" mailing lists, something that happens if you have any commerce with the outside world. It annoys me but not enough to take action. Again, I am supremely lazy.

But how in hell did they get Sara's name and address? She has no bank account. She is on no document aside from her birth certificate and social security number. The only thing I can think of is through the billing office for our health network and I can't imagine they would be selling patient info, given HIPAA confidentiality guidelines. I am perplexed. Maybe from someone nice sending her a gift mail-ordered with her name on the package. Maybe that would be us. Drat.

The big event tonight for us Piffles is Colin's 1st ever Holiday Concert. Eeeeep. Tonight he gets to put on his new navy blue pants and a clean (maybe red?) shirt and stand up with his classmates and sing 2 songs. "We are Santa's Elves" from that supreme piece of holiday tripe, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (Well, yes, we do own a copy. Yes, it plays several times a week. What's your point?) and "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas". Complete with coordinated hand gestures. How ambitious is his school music teacher? So we are all in anticipation. And by "we" I mean Colin and I. I truly can't wait. I have picked out which Christmas-themed sweater I will wear. (Yeah, I have 2 Christmas-themed sweaters. I bought them, myself, with malice aforethought. I will hang my head in shame.) Colin has been practicing his songs and hand gestures for weeks. We do them together in the car. Poor Charles. You would think that, having actually chosen the career of educating children, Charles would be enthusiastically singing and making sleigh motions with his hands along with Colin and I. (He is looking forward to going, just not with quite the glee) . But, he just drives down the road with both hands on the wheel of el minivan, covertly singing along with Springsteen.

So, that is our evening. School children mangling treacly holiday songs. With hand gestures. And I am counting the hours.

How did I get here?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, grandchildren make us grandma's even feel older! I can't believe school music events already. Movies and pics. please for those of us grandmas who are too far away to be present (tears!).

As for the credit card ap., send it back with a "take my name off your list" note in big red marking pen across the ap., stuff it in the pre-paid envelope along with anything heavy (like a brick so they pay LOTS of extra postage) and send it back. This seems to be working for me - I get lots less apps. than I use to.

Keep the piffles coming
Love, CF

4:21 PM  

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