Saturday, June 25, 2005


I feel like I've been away for months!

Dad and Cathy are here and we are having a marvelous time. Not a glamorous time, no. Just fun and food. And some wine. Lots of sitting on the deck after the kids are in bed, watching the cool thunderstorms roll through. We got Colin's bike put together (by "we" I mean Dad and Cathy, of course) and he had his first lesson today, without the training wheels because they do not fit on the new, cool, bright yellow, decal spattered, hand braking, more than one gear, bike. Dad ran along next to him as he had done with my sister, Gail, and me, encouraging and teaching. ("NO, don't look down! Let your feet do the pedalling, look ahead so you can see where you are going!") Good thing Dad does yoga.

Until they got here, it had been lovely. 70s-80s, no humidity. As soon as they got here, it has been in the 90s and horribly humid. We figured that would happen months ago. I think it is the grand Midwest conspiracy to keep everyone else from moving here. As soon as anyone sets foot off a plane, the weather turns horrid. Eh, what can you do?

What else? Oh! Charles and I ushered in another Sara milestone, yesterday, out of desperation.

You see, she has been in a crib all this time. Yes, yes, she is 2+1/2. Colin was in his red race car bed at 18 months. And your point is? Friday night was yet another night of her waking, sobbing, at 1am and being lugged to bed with us, resulting, of course, in her kicking Charles repeatedly in the head (Yes, she is placed with her head between our heads to start with. I have no idea how she spins like that. Have you seen The Exorcist? That may explain some of it.) which leads him to abandoning the bed around 2am for the couch. She then turned her attention to me. That culminated in my going to use the loo at 5am and coming back to bed to find her spread horizontally with her toes pointed to the site formally occupied by Charles's head and her arms stretched out to usurp what were my sleeping inches. Damn but she is long!

So I grabbed my book and retreated to the couch in the loft (the living room couch being occupied by her bruised dad). After coffee and breakfast, when were were once again coherent, Charles and I looked at each other and decided that a trip to Madison was not to be put off another day.

We left our offspring with their grandparents and we headed north, stopping only to vacuum the car out. (Don't ever vacuum your car before picking up a load of sandbox sand. You are just inviting the inevitable.) As an aside, while marvelous Charles was vengefully vacuuming the back of the trusty minivan, I noticed a dispenser of fragrance for your car. After staring at it through the window, I did what any normal person with a blog would do: I got out and took a closer look. There were 3 fragrances offered, $.75 each. "Just put the hose down on the carpet under the rear seat and press the button" read the instructions. Any guesses as to what the fragrances were? Go ahead. Make a guess. Let me know in the comments. No prizes. I thought about offering a free pap smear or prostate exam to anyone who guessed it, but figured that wouldn't be much of an inducement and I am much too lazy (no, really!) to go and get you chocolate or something that anyone would actually want and box it and send it. So this is just a goodness-of-your-own-heart thing. Or we could say it is for the bragging rights.

Anyway, we fled to the furniture store that we have already spent unutterable sums in for furniture for our house last year (and, no, it is not an expensive place, we just needed a lot of crap.) and bought a mattress, box spring, and bookcase headboard. The headboard will be there in a few days, so another trip, but she now has her OWN bed, so when she wakes we (I) can slug in there and flop down next to her, get her to drift off to sleep again, and then high-tail it back to my own comfortable, toddler-free bed. And, you know what? It worked just like that last night. Well, even better, actually, as Charles was already up at 1am, having a bit of insomnia, due to the crashing of thunder and all, and he flopped next to her and then dragged himself back to the couch afterward, leaving me in peaceful slumber. Best money ever spent.

So, that's what we've been up to. We have hopes to get to the zoo tomorrow but will have to see what the storms have to say about that. We are from Portland, so scoff at a bit of rain, but getting hit by lightning or washed away in a flash flood would be quite the inconvenience. I will let you know, as I am sure you are all so very interested in all the doings here. (Actually, if you are reading this at work or when you are supposed to be studying the plumbing of hamsters or what ever horrid things your instructors have assigned, dahling, you might just find this gripping reading material.) And remember: Fragrances Three. For the car. Dispensed for your olfactory pleasure from the machine at the car wash. Any guesses?

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Blogger Teri said...

The air freshener scents:
"New Car"

My two-year-old does the same thing! Ouch.

10:15 AM  
Anonymous Gerah said...

Ah, we've been throwing the big girl bed thing around lately as well...

On our vacation, we put her in a twin bed next to our big bed and in the middle of the night: THUMP!

On the floor.

I took the twin and she cuddled with Jeremy for the next few nights, but she still fell out again.

Did you get a bed with a railing thingamajiggie?

What is a parent to do in this situation?

Is Kyra not ready for the big bed?

9:57 PM  
Blogger CarpeDM said...

I'm going with new car, pine and hideous fake fruity stuff guaranteed to make you vomit. So, yeah, close to what Teri said.

Searching desperately for something clever to say about the child and the bed and drawing a blank. Um, Eddy won't sleep with me. He prefers to sleep with Keem. Eddy would be my cat. But he thinks he is Keem's cat. It's a good thing I don't have children. They would leave me for Keem.

Actually I do find this fascinating. And it's not even distracting me from work. I am waiting for more pictures to upload so I can get them printed.

I'm glad you're having a great time with your folks. And a trip to Madison to boot, that's very fun. I lived there about ten, 12 (?) years ago.

12:47 AM  
Blogger Cagey said...

I don't think her being in bed at 2 1/2 is that unusual! Seriously!

11:23 AM  
Anonymous stacy moe said...

"ocean breeze"

Allie managed always to put her feet in my back. Luckily, I sleep like the dead. And yes, the answer from my blog story about food, it was the famous (or "infamous") Holly Hobby lunchbox. After the "incident" the lethal metal box was disposed of and I had a bright pink (plastic!) box with daisies.

2:15 PM  
Blogger Rozanne said...

Orange Sherbet
Lemon Pledge

I know the names probably aren't correct, but I'll bet the fragrances are. Please tell us that you didn't permanently damage your car with one of those fragrances.

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Kismet said...

We actually have those scent things at the car wash/vacuum place here in SW Portland but I've never looked at the flavors....hmmm....Brut, Windsong and Old Spice!

Our 4yo won't stay out of our bed. Sigh.


8:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

New Car
Pina Colada (or Tropical)
Sandal Wood

-Gail (Hi Dad and Cathy)

8:29 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

Everybody- such good (or so I mean bad) guesses. I will post the answers today or tomorrow.

Teri- I feel your pain, you feel mine. Today, it is between the shoulderblades.

Gerah- Can't wait to see how it goes with Kyra and the Big Girl Bed, when it happens. Ouch on hte fall. That happened to Colin 2 years ago in a Minneapolis hotel at 2am. We decided to go without the railing thingamajiggie, preferring to risk fate. Colin's race car bed had built-in high sides, like a car, which worked great, but in our very limited looking for Sara, saw nothing like that. I say keep them in a crib as long as possible. I was hoping she would be there until she left for college, but, oh, well.

Dana- Cats live on the jealousy thing. So do kids. So while any fictional offspring would leave you for Keem, you could rest in the knowledge that they really did love you, their mother, best, even if they didn't show it. At least that is what I tell myself all the time. It sometimes even works. I remembered you lived in Madison and it was not your nirvana.

Cagey- I can always count on you to back me up, thanks. I promise to do the same.

Stace- Sara hits Charles in the face with her feet and me between the shoulder blades with her head. I actually woke on that final, fateful morning with her fingers inserted in my nostrils!

Rozanne- OK, I will honestly tell you I didn't spray the car with noxious substances, but I will admit to considering plunking the money in and spraying the ground. I then realized that the incomming rain would wash the fragrant toxic crap into the water system and quite possibly result in new and vengeful life forms in my neighborhood. Maybe if I come across one in another town...?

Kismet- Bet you will look next time! (Hah, made you look! I am so immature.) Colin finally kept to his own bed about the time he started kindergarten.

Gail- Dad and Cathy say "Hi". Wish you were here to share in the heat and humidity and tantrums. Bet you and James wish it, too. (Hey, wipe that look of horror off your face. I can see it, you know.)

9:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...and more with WI in mind

Split beer
Chease Curd


4:12 PM  
Blogger Teri said...

I feel your pain, I do!

If it was my car, it would smell like
crushed up Cheetoes
spilled coffee
musty, decomposing leaves the kids have collected

(my kitchen floor might be clean, but my car sure isn't!)

8:44 PM  

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