Saturday, December 25, 2004

White Christmas, HAH!

Well, it was a pretty, storybook Christmas morning scene: Waking to snow, kids shrieking with glee, wrapping paper flying, chocolate Santa hors d'ouvres before a breakfast of sweet rolls and sausages, all followed by the first real snow romp of the year. While it is only 2 inches, it is still enough to make everything white and to run a sled. Sara had her 1st sled ride, which she preferred to do supine with the snow falling on her face. The sled she referred to as "boat" which makes more sense, if you think about it. Emma also had her 1st snow, but sadly the snow is too dry to play "snowball fetch". I actually think she will love snowballs as she loves the chase but hates, HATES, to give up the ball for you to throw a second time. With snowball fetch, she can chase limitless balls that we can garner just by bending over and she will never, ever, have to share.

I have actually opened very few presents at this writing. The reason is two-fold. First, I like to savor the present part and I actually get sad at the thought of the last present being opened. That means that Christmas is over and I absolutely love the whole Christmas thing. Last year when going through things for the big move in February, I came across a medium sized box in the guest closet with my name on it. Dad and Cathy had brought our Christmas gifts when they drove out the preceding summer and I put them all in the guest closet for hiding. The remaining present somehow got separated from the herd and missed the whole sitting under the tree thing. I put the present on a shelf of my closet where I could see it and just know that I had a present sitting there for me, should I ever need one. Damn thing just made me happy knowing it was there for 6 months. I finally opened it on my birthday as the guilt was getting a bit much. It was this wicked-sharp Native American design chopping blade with curved wood block for chopping fresh herbs. It has an official name but I am just too damn lazy to trot out to the kitchen and look at the name on the box. Even comes with it's own block of grease-stuff to keep the wood in condition. I love it but was a bit sad no longer having The Present. I am so very strange. Must come from all those years of delayed gratification that is medical training. Warps you in ways you never dream of. Anyone else like this? The people I have told so far are unanimous in eying me as though I were seriously weird. Nothing new.

Anyway, the 2nd reason, the main reason for still having a pile of presents, is that it was such an out-of-control, free-for-all of a kid present opening frenzy, that it was all Charles and I could do to keep up with the 2 of them. Imagine kids and hands instead of baby birds and beaks and you will get the picture. Except at least for the mommy and daddy birds, the chicks are confined to the small nest, not the dining room and everyone else's presents. I am still a bit shaken. I also received a new video camera from Santa and was attempting to record the moment for all the grandparents. It is actually a very cool camera that takes stills (which I completely forgot about doing, so we have vid but no stills. Heh. Sorry.) and video and downloads straight to DVD or computer or whatever. Loads of fun. Lots to learn. Big instruction manual. It may be that I can create still pics from frames of the video, so all may not be lost.

So that is that. I will probably open the rest of my presents after the kids are down and I have a nice glass of red wine and all is calm and still again. Will I spirit away one present for another day, thus ensuring that Christmas is not completely over? I don't think so. I think that has to be unplanned. But it was nice while it lasted.

Merry Christmas.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad about no still pictures. We forgot photos entirely. I recommend getting familiar with Windows MovieMaker. If not loaded already, add it from your Windows OS CD. It can be very seductive when you get onto it. You can even "spice-up" stills on it with transitions and sound. Too Cool.


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