Wednesday, June 29, 2005

$.75 Saved

Apparently, in Southern Wisconsin, it is felt that you would pay to have your car smell like:

1) A dropped snow cone
2) A dropped ice cream cone
3) Sex

Yes, that would be the odors of wild cherry, vanilla, and musk. What the hell kind of place did I move to?

I swear I am not making this up. I actually assumed that 2 of the smells would be "New Car" and "Pine Fresh" and the only reason I got out and trotted over was to see what the third option was. Had there only been two, I wouldn't have bothered. The only redeeming thing is that all 3 of the canisters were full, each canister being made of clear plastic, holding what looked like a quart of musty-looking liquid, vaguely colored like the intended flavor.

So, full bragging rights go to Gail, who did guess cherry AND musk on one of her trios. Gail actually entered more than once, which is always encouraged. As they say in Chicago, "Vote early and often." Runner up credits to Stacy, who did guess vanilla. Honorable mention to Teri (as strawberry in such a dispenser is certain to be interchangeable with cherry).

So, Dad and Cathy pulled out in the rental car at noon and the house is suddenly smaller and quieter. Well, maybe not exactly quieter as Sara is currently loudly protesting nap time, but in spirit, a smaller house. We ate enormous amounts, took small excursions to a State Park, a zoo (although not the big Milwaukee zoo as the weather just would not brook that trip), a cave (well, we went to the cave area and info center but not in the cave as we were getting tired, peckish and cranky, at least those of us under 3') and Little Norway (actually didn't go past the gifte shoppe as it was $10 bucks a pop to take the tour, $4 for those under 10. $48. No thanks.). We napped. We ate more. We sat on the deck. Did I mention we ate?

So, "That is that," said the Cat in the Hat.

Time to go run and start fasting.




Blogger Teri said...

Yellowstone Lake! C. and I spent a week camping there one summer, a few million years ago, before we had kids.I remember the geographic area being beautiful (the unglaciated part of the state - very old and craggy. Um, yeah, I do know way more about the geology of the state than is good for sustaining casual conversation, why do you ask?) and the park being sort of humdrum. Has it changed?
We didn't go to Little Norway when we were there, but we did go to Mineral Point and Dubuque on day trips.

3:53 PM  
Blogger Mojavi said...

gotta love those good old stand-by flavors... ummm smells... haha so if you had to pick one which would it be....

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Zoomie said...

Do you get that same sort of depressed-empty house feeling, too? I tend to feel "a bit sad" for the next day or so when Mom and Dad leave. Returning to full-time parenting helps to shock me out of it, though!

Oh, and speaking of vacations - I highly recommend Normandy. Beautiful countryside, lots of history, and some very nice beaches. NOT like the ones I grew up on! Maybe Charles would be interested in a cruise if the air travel isn't so appealing?

5:11 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

Teri- Well, it was clean and there seemed to be way more ranger-type-guys than actual visitors, all driving around in ranger-type trucks or mowing, but it was a Tuesday. I am so not a camper but Charles and Colin have plans to go back to fish this summer, so SCORE! Humdrum but fine, and clean, with a playground and few people. The trail we went on was dull but fine for the toddler. We will explore further and look for the craggy. I like craggy. I am slowly learning about WI and, as such, after our travels this week, now know that part of the state was, in fact unglaciated, so there. We can chat casually, just fine. Obviously it will be a conversation with just the 2 of us as everyone else who wanders over to see what we are talking about will scuttle away, muttering about needing to say, "Hi" to someone. Did I mention I watch PBS for fun and pleasure?

Mojavi- You know, I was wondering what I would choose if someone pointed a firearm at my head and made me spray that stuff under my back seat. I think I would have to close my eyes and point. I would have worry about being chased by large and small mammals in heat if I chose the musk, though. Just a no-win situation. OK, I choose cherry. Or vanilla. No, wait, cherry. Vanilla. Would it be Ok if I stopped using my allergy meds first, so I could be all nice and stuffy?

5:27 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

Zoomie- Yeah, that about sums it up. Empty house. Emma-the-dog is the most depressed, though. She adores my dad, as he will play ball with her for hours. She won't leave his side and slept outside the guest room door the whole week, instead of in her bed in our room, the ingrate. And fine, you just rub it in with your "continental Europe is my backyard" thing. I had no idea that you could cruise to Europe from the states. How long is the voyage? He might just agree to do that in a few years, although I'd still have to get him to the ocean liner terminal. Now, the Southern Oregon coast is lovely, just windy. Really windy.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous stacy moe said...

Diana, Didn't you have an earlier post about Gail as the contest winning queen? the streak continues...Some clever marketing person assumes you want your vehicle to smell like sex and ice cream? Hmm. I'd rather have it smell clean.

6:41 PM  
Blogger Rozanne said...

How is it I have never heard of or been to Yellowstone State Park, when I was always searching so desparately for wilderness in the Midwest. I do notice that they have a bat colony there. That is way cool, but of course you have to be there at night, I guess.

I have been to Cave of the Mounds, when I was a kid. I recall very vividly getting carsick and spewling all over the backseat of the neighbor's station wagon. I remember nothing about the cave, however.

Come to think of it I'm a bit surprised there isn't a vomit fragrance you can spray in your car. Maybe the vanilla smells like vomit. We can only hope.

9:16 PM  
Blogger Rozanne said...

P.S. The title of your post cracks me up for some reason.

9:17 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

Stacy- You are so right! Once again, Gail wins! If she weren't my sister and one of the 3 funniest people I have ever known, I would feel sorry for all those in close proximity to her, as she must suck all the luck from the air in a 23 mile radius. If I had my druthers, a car would smell of coffee or chocolate or brand-spanking-new clean. Instead, I have eau de granola bars, dirt, and feet. Suddenly sex and ice cream sounds not so bad.

Rozanne- Maybe because it is (how can I put it nicely?) DULL. At least regarding any hiking. The lake seems pretty, though, and the bat houses were cool. I had never seen one. I thought they were some sort of abstract art-on-a-pole that were for some reason at the end of the trail, until I read the sign. As an aside, we saw our first bat in our backyard last night. I cheered it on in its quest for biting bugs. Having them nest in one's chimney seems a small price to pay, as I flay the skin from my legs from the biting flies and such, but then, I have not had to evict a colony, yet. Sorry about the spewing associated with the Cave of the Mounds. I used to get carsick, too, alot. I bet the vanilla does smell like vomit. Now I feel compelled to go down and commit some defacing of private property, substituting "vomit" for "vanilla". Bad. No. And thanks, I aim for mirth. Always.

10:50 PM  
Blogger CarpeDM said...

Great flavors. Yeah, that's what I want my car to smell like (okay, yes, I don't have a car but that's not the point).

Hey, I know that zoo! I used to live in Madison back in 1990 or 1991 or...well, sometime in the 90's. I really have no clue anymore. Anyway, my boyfriend at the time took me there and I thought it was wonderful. It reminded me of the Como Zoo here which I like so much better than the Minnesota Zoo with its trendy gift shops and expensive prices.

It sounds like you had a great time visiting with your family. Any big plans for the 4th?

12:37 AM  
Anonymous Gerah said...

I feel the same way after my vacation. Fat and relaxed. Need exercise. Need to NOT EAT.

1:07 PM  
Blogger Teri said...

Hey! I watch PBS for fun and pleasure too! and listen to NPR. When the kids will let me. They are loud, even at their quietest.

1:34 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

Dana- See, yet another car expense saved by not having one. You are so smart. We love that zoo, perfect for an hour and small legs. Nah, no real plans for the 4th. We may try to get to fireworks, but then, maybe we will just hang on the deck and look to the horizon. I've never been a huge fireworks person, they never seem worth the hassle. Or the bug bites.

Gerah- You make me feel better. I have done fairly well with the eating today and will run, Sara willing, during her nap time. Scuttled along with Colin while he worked on learning to ride the bike but my back seems to have gotten the worst of that bit 'o exercise.

Teri- Hah! I even find Marketplace interesting on the drive home. Fresh Air is my very favorite, though. That and Car Talk, of course. Sadly, I can't hang my head and mutter, "And I used to be cool," because I have always been geeky. So relieved that I am not alone. Not that you are geeky. Didn't mean to imply that. Nosiree. Just that you watch interesting stuff.

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Gang-at-Piffles:

Comments on the aforementioned visit to Piffletown. Thistles took a very minor hit around the garden area. Only 8+ acres to go.

Charles agreed to a motorhome camping trip next summer on the trip west. Maybe even a bit of tenting in the backyard for the moppits and grandma.

Taught Gail everything I know about contest winning. I once won a gallon of whiskey playing Bingo. This was back in the days when a full gallon could be imported into the States. I was in Greenland protecting the world from unnamed Nasties and I am sure that I accassioned some discussion around the old customs coffee room.

Yes, Emma and I bonded well. I always say that about animals who appear to worship me. However, putting shoes on would evoke a bit of face-licking. "Every debit has a credit."

Conclusion: Wonderful time was had by all. However, my liver will appreciate a bit of a break as will my waist-line.


2:55 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

Dad- And there you have it.

9:14 AM  
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