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In honor of the divine Lioness, a thoroughly pointless post:

So, what have I been doing for the past few days? I have been enjoying having my lovely husband home since Wednesday, that's what. While Colin had spring break last week, Charles has it this week. Now, being Principal, he does not get things like Spring Break or Winter Vacation as such, but he can use some of his vacation time during a school holiday and have himself one as well. And so he is, taking off Wednesday through the weekend. Poor sod. You see, I have plans. But more in a minute.

Yesterday, we watched Colin get on the bus and then snuck out, just the 3 of us. Felt so very odd. We went shopping. For stuff. Well, first, we stopped by Menard's, a thoroughly worthless and cheap in every sense of the word, home improvement store, for those not in the Midwest Know. Think Home Depot with less quality and even surlier and more disenfranchised help. Now we are aware how sorry we will be every time we venture in, but a month ago, we were driven by desperation: The need for pre-fab concrete blocks to build a lovely raised bed for the garden. We first went to trusty Home Depot, and were told that they should get such things in within the next several weeks. Or maybe months. Really couldn't say for sure. So sorry. Now, as Rozanne, my Mum, and any other gardener can attest, raised beds wait for no one. Last freeze here on average is May 8th. The tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and all the other lovelies go in as soon past that date as the extended forecast will allow that no more freeze will occur. No messing around, people! We have a short growing season to contend with. The ground just thawed. I have a month to build a lasting (we are NEVER moving again) 2 foot high U-shaped garden bed to nestle around the strawberry bed. A month that also contains things like house-work, work-work, parent-work and possible disease.

So with great trepidation, we went to wretched Menard's and ordered the stuff, at 10 cents a block cheaper, to be delivered in a week or 2. They would call us. Promise. Well, that was 4 weeks ago. So, our 1st stop yesterday was to go in and see what was up with the nearly 1,000 bucks in concrete blocks we had ordered and they had charged to our credit card. 8 guys behind the order desk, no one actually doing anything if you looked at them but on the surface, so very busy. Finally, we are able to snag someone, who after discerning what we needed, discovered that, whoops, they just didn't get around to calling us. Stuff has been in and ready for delivery for a few weeks. Please step around the counter to speak with the other guy to order delivery. 25 minutes later (I kid you not) we have an iron clad promise that the stuff is to be delivered between 7am and 12 noon tomorrow. Yeah. So that is what our weekend will consist of. Poor Charles. Heh, heh.

The rest of yesterday was nice. I got new running shoes. We got a full length mirror. We had lunch. We went home and cleaned. Actually, the mirror is nice. I had been without one for the last 5 years and was pleased to find that one's calves and thighs look much thinner in the mirror than they do looking down with the eyes. I also think it will be handy to dress being able to see past the hips.

Today, we again ditched home as soon as Colin got on the bus and went to breakfast, where upon Sara had a rare toddler meltdown when she found that, after meticulously picking out the tasty bits in her muffin but not eating any of the actual muffin, I refused to let her do the same with mine. So cold of me. So, we left post-haste, got her calmed down and then slogged around the little Madison zoo and saw the bears and primate house. Everyone else was snug inside as it was a bit chilly at 40F (4C). Then we went (aren't you on the edge of your seats!) grocery shopping. And then home. Don't we live gripping lives?

Tonight, we plan to watch a movie. Last night, we watched a movie. (Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, which we both thought was damn funny, by the way in a light, stupid movie sort of way. It was made by Canadians, I believe, which explains a lot.)

So, there, you have it. Thoroughly mundane things of a thoroughly mundane person.

You have Lioness to thank for it and only yourselves to blame if you read it.

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Blogger The Lioness said...

Oh shut up, I loved this! THANKS! That's why we read blogs isn't it, so that we know how The Others live, so that we see inside their walls. Everyone an Anthopologist at heart. Some, er, actually w a degree gathering dust now. Oh well!

I cannot get a hold of the movie but will tell my Canoock friend to see it. yesterday evening the Floodgates of Hell opened up wide and I had to resort to chick therapy - Bridget Jones 2 (I laughed! And my hormonometre got some action as well, being picky makes it rusty, see). Now it's time for Legally Blonde 2. happy endings guaranteed and really, what more could we wish for.

Have you ever seen Goodbye Children, by Louis Malle? I think you might enjoy it. Heartbreakingly beautiful. Don't watch if feeling tender. If feeling tender, go for Korbin Dallas. Who, quite frankly, kicks ass.

6:40 AM  
Blogger Diana said...

L- I've heard of Goodbye Children but have not seen it. I cry at anything heartbreaking or tender so I will have to be set for it. So you liked Jones 2? This bodes well. We have it on our internet rent list and will likely see it next weekend or so. I actually rather enjoy John Corbett (that wanker, Aiden) but because of what I 1st saw him in, a series I followed for a few years called Northern Exposure, that is just coming out on DVD. If I just had his movie and SitC characters, I would agree totally. Finally, I am begining to suspect you are doing an anthropological experiment on me to see if you can turn a lurker into one of those who thinks their shopping list and the fact they ran the dishwasher is of interest to the general blogosphere. I will fight back as long as I can.

7:28 AM  
Blogger The Lioness said...

So you know, I almost brought uip shopping lists when I posted? I SWEAR. They are quite the little window, lists are. Bring them on! Let's have a contest. (I'm not running the experiment, the white mice are, remember?)

I know the wanker from NE, yes, and THAT'S WHY I cannot stand him now! What happened?? WHY?? How does one go from Chris In The Morning to I'm So Bland A Certain Portie Blogger Could Have Cooked me? (that being said, I just invented a gorgeous new recipe, which ACTUALLY tasted good. Let me brag while and when I can) And My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which I found funny and entertaining? HE WAS BLAND! BLAAAAAAAND! Jones 2 was good I thought, bearing in mind I am now on fluffy mode. Actually J2 is not quite fluffy (Legally Blond 2 was but she is so radiant and genuine somehow, cleansing to watch.), she is not my fave actress but the way she plays Bridget is endearing. Who can't relate? They streched it a bit at times but hey, I don't watch it bcs it's deep now do I.
Goodbye children is rather worth it. Just a bit sad bcs, you know, Jewish kid, 2 world war... The children are amazing actors. My advice? Watch it and THEN Jones2. Or something equally adorable.

STILL.WAITING.FOR.PICS. No pressure though. None. None whatsoever. Wouldn't dream of it. At all. Patiently here, withering away. Waiting. Yes.

4:37 PM  
Blogger The Lioness said...

NOOOO!!!! It ate my obscenely long comment! Oh hell. I'll tackle this again in the morrow, can't even face it now! Bloody Blogger.

6:40 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

L- Dahling, sent you a long e-mail a few days ago but I fear it got ambushed. Also fighting with my camera and the computer. They are coming, patience. Tertia gripes about the ibex, I will raise her a computer powered by lazy ground squirrels and filled with dead bugs. Most irritating. Off to try again.

10:40 AM  
Blogger Rozanne said...

I hope the delivery came. I assume it did.

Never worry about posts being pointless or trivial. Heaven knows, I sure as heck don't. Blogs are like watching soap operas. You tune in to find out what happens next.

Just want to chime in to second BJ2. Sure you might want to leave your brain at the concession stand, but I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, as I did the first one (and the books).

John Corbett. Thumbs down. Bland, smarmy, repellant. I almost had to flee the theatre during the baptism scene in Big Fat. Loincloths--cringe!

P.S. Have you ever thought of switching to the HaloScan commenting system? I sometimes have trouble commenting here. When I click on the comment link, I get one of those irksome "Document contains no data" messages. If you're having any trouble on your end (e.g., comments not getting e-mailed), I'd really recommend switching. The only downside is that you all the comments left thus far on the Blogger system disappear.

12:41 PM  
Blogger The Lioness said...

If you want to move to H., you can add the comments to every post. Bit of a bother but doable. That being said, after 3 months - or 4? - you have to start paying for the service. Many people don't know this and then get really aggravated.

3:28 PM  

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