Monday, March 07, 2005

Muckity, Muck, Muck

That pretty much describes the scenery here. Damn near got to 70 degrees yesterday, leading to much snow melt. It then rained last night. As the ground is still frozen, there is slop and standing water everywhere, much to the delight of the 3 younger Piffles, with and without tails. As it is to get to somewhere in the vicinity of 5 below tonight with snow today, I think we are in for something of a frozen mess. But I could be wrong.

Eh, I have nothing of note to write about. That lead paragraph was pretty much it, but I will prattle on for anyone with serious time wasting issues. Let's see:

Sara (on the floor of the kitchen, howling at the top of her 2 yr old lungs because she was seriously deprived of something life-sustaining, like access to crayons and walls.): AAAAAAaaaaaaaAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaHHHHHHhhhhhh!

Me: "Sara, we do not have tantrums. Stop. Now."

Sara (suddenly turning off all waterworks and fixing me with a steely eye that chills me to the bone): "WHY?"

Guess it is kind of a good question.

Sara's very favorite foods: dried cranberries, mushrooms and anything with salad dressing on it, such as a nice mixed green salad.

Colin's only foods: cheese, scrambled eggs, (hanging head in shame) hotdogs, peanut butter, some fruits, 2 vegetables, ketchup. Clearly Colin is the revenge exacted by my parents on me for eating essentially nothing but plain rice, steak, and a few fruits, for years. This was followed by the years of habitually starting every meal with the phrase, "Do I eat that?" I have hope, though, as I now happily eat anything but peas, lima beans, and offal.

I somehow managed to remove 3 large trash bags full of clothes for Goodwill from my closet that a year ago were not part of the Great Pre-moving Purge of '04 that resulted in 7 trash bags of Goodwill donations.

Colin proudly brought home a piece of paper announcing that he will be receiving a Major Award at a school assembly a week from today. Puffed with pride, I asked him if he knew about said Major Award. He said, "Sure. You get it if you do something good, like not get sick or if you can cross the monkey bars." I then flashed back to the movie A Christmas Story, and have visions of him receiving a large box marked in Italian "fragile" and containing a large plastic lamp in the shape of a jungle gym or something. Perhaps not.

Until later.
Slopity, slop, slop



Blogger Rozanne said...

Ah. The Major Award. I love it! It could wind up being something else you'll need to give to Goodwill.


8:39 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

Yeah, I can't wait. The living room windows face the back of the house, so I will have to display it in the study window for all the farm vehicles to see. Guess that is the price to pay when moving from suburbia to farm country!

9:54 AM  

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