Monday, February 28, 2005

March, Ho!

Ways to tell winter won't last forever:

1) All the fuzzy little calves frolicking beside all the cows in the pastures. (You see, being in rural Wisconsin, naturally we drive past a lot of dairies.)

2) Being able to see all the fuzzy little calves frolicking because it is semi-light, even when leaving at 6am.

3) A fly was in the house yesterday! It has been months since the insects have been mobile.

4) The newly fallen snow is gone in a day or 2. OK, the piles of old snow are still hanging out and will do so for weeks to come and there is way more snow covered ground than visible brown grass, but still, haven't had to shovel in weeks!

5) The birds are back and singing in the mornings (as long is it is sunny and above 20 degrees).

6) There is mud tracked in by the dog every time she goes out. Oh, joyous mud!

Can you tell I am celebrating the coming of March, the last month of winter?

Time to order the cottage stone to build us some big ole' raised vegetable beds, yah, don't-cha-know? (Use your best Minnesota bachelor farmer accent!) Poor Charles, he has agreed to help build them over spring break.

So one more big, sloppy raspberry to February. Good riddance (yah betcha)!



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