Thursday, February 10, 2005


Shhhhhhhhhhh! Everyone is finally well and asleep.

Yes, yes, I know.

It's been oh, so long since I've checked in.

It's just that I've been a bit, well, delayed.

Hamstringed, if you will.

By viruses.

Viruses of all sorts and sizes. Viruses in the family. Viruses at work. Viruses in the computer.


Sadly, even if I had the opportunity to post, nothing of note has happened.

To wit: It snowed a total of about 3" over the past few days. They celebrated the 100th day of school at Colin's kindergarten and made paper crowns. Sara has taken to coyly saying, "Nooooooo." whenever you ask her to come here. When you say, "Yeeeeessssss." she then minces her steps toward you with head tilted and demure smile on her face. It is very beguiling, so much so, that it actually overcomes the irritation factor of having to wait for her to do her performance before you can get her coat on or her teeth brushed. Emma has done several mildly naughty things but no major ones. I have treated somewhere in the vicinity of 24,395 cases of influenza A in clinic in the past 2 weeks. While I have the patience of the truly brain dead, even I am beginning to get a bit bored of dictating the same note over and over. I actually squealed in delight when presented with a sprained ankle. I giggled over the placing of the air splint. Had I had them, I would have showered them in free samples of anti-inflammatory pills. As it was, I made do with a blown up latex glove for their kid. Calling Dr Clown. We stopped for donuts on Tuesday.

You get the drift.

So, that is what has been happening in the Land O' Piffle.

Oh, and our regular E-mail is down along with the kitchen computer. I will send the back-up (probably to be permanent) E-mail address out in the next 1-2 days. Thank you viruses. Your lives are more exciting than mine. At least you get to wreck havoc and cause much potty mouth.

And a happy birthday to my beloved Mum and a slightly belated one to my beloved brother. Thinking of you both.

Kiss, kiss.



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