Thursday, February 24, 2005

Conversations With Colin

Colin, Sara and I at the dinner table tonight. Charles is working late.

Colin: "Mom, is your name Diana?"

Me: "Yes, it is."

Colin: "Is Dad's name Bimbocktony?"

Me (completely deadpan): "Yes, it is."

Colin (looking concerned): "It is?"

Me: "Yes."

Colin: "Not Charles?"

Me: "Nope. It's really Bimbocktony. We just tell people it's 'Charles' so they won't laugh at him."

Colin: "Really?"

Colin: "I think we should use his real name, then, because his friends wouldn't laugh at him. I wouldn't."

Me: "I think even his friends would laugh at something like that. We should just keep it between us."

Colin: "It's really Bimbocktony?"

Me: "Yup."

We all have our parenting role models. Mine just happens to be the dad from Calvin and Hobbes.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, you guys are Charles and Diana? How much teasing do you endure?

Also, we plan to tell our kids that the world was in black and white (hence the black and white pictures) until the 1950s when suddenly everything changed to color. I love Calvin's dad.


8:57 AM  
Blogger Diana said...

Hey, Linda,

Yup, really and truly Charles and Diana. The fun is when someone we have known for ages "gets it".

Loved your recent post!


12:57 PM  

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