Friday, February 11, 2005


Back in Portland, when I was still a respectable internist with an actual practice, pager, and my own patients, I had the honor to be Milton and Maxine's doctor. They were delightful and tough in the best way. Milton's hobby was woodworking and he and spent hours and hours in his workshop creating things like cabinets and dressers and bookcases for anyone he could think of. When I was pregnant with Colin, he asked me if he could make the baby a highchair. I was delighted but of course said things like, "Oh, I couldn't!" and "That's really too much." Fortunately, though, they ended up phrasing it as though it were really ME doing THEM a favor as, according to Maxine, there is only so much furniture that can fit in a house and it really was something that Milton loved doing. Who knows. Maybe she was telling the truth.

Anyway, a few months later, the 2 of them showed up at the clinic with a beautiful handmade highchair. The stain even matched our dining set. It was also a godsend as Colin spent about half his time at my in-laws while Charles was in class and a 2nd highchair was needed. As we couldn't fit the highchair we had already been given by my colleagues in our small sedan, it was the Milton highchair that lived at my in-laws. Sadly, it got accidently left when we moved to the Midwest but was always at the back of my mind. The summer before last, my Dad and Cathy motor-homed out to see us and brought some things, including my much whined for highchair. It has fed Sara exclusively, holding up to all she could dish out.

This week, Sara graduated to being full time in a real chair at the table. I love having her really part of meals rather than a bit removed in the high chair but I am actually missing the Milton chair. So yesterday, I cleaned it thoroughly and took it down to its new home, the playroom. I figure Sara's dolls and bears and lions and all will enjoy being fed in a real highchair.

And one of my kids better have a kid or two down the road. That highchair's still got a lot of use in it.

Thanks Milton. And thanks Maxine.



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