Monday, November 14, 2005

20 Things

I am sitting here in bemused shock, having just realized that next week is Thanksgiving week. This means that Saturday is Thanksgiving food shopping day and I'd better get my sorry self together and make that all important shopping list, so I can lose it and have time to make it again. I am nothing if not a creature of ritual.

Speaking of ritual, well actually, not, I hope you all are suitably impressed with the addition of an actual bank of pictures, taken by little ol' me, finally linked to the Flickr account that I set up, oh, shall we just say months ago. Yesterday, I finally had a free block of time, and, with Sara playing merrily at my feet with her new dolls and tea set, connected the two, added the code, and, finally, we have duly sanitized pictures of the surrounding Wisconsin view. The kids are in some of the shots, but not so where I feel freaky posting them. (For yous who I owe actual visible kid faces via e-mail, they are coming, it is just that the tea party could only last so long.) All are taken from our place. I especially love the cloud pictures, as that was the only one in the sky, sitting there for the whole afternoon and most of the night, springing into the most spectacular storm for a few hours that night with constant lightning flickering internally. Its own little tantrum, lonely in the sky. A cloud time-out, obviously, with all the other clouds off playing over Lake Michigan or something.

The lovely and talented (not to mention terribly nice and polite, as she is Canadian, and we all know how lovely those Canadians are, even those who are now 1/2 yank) Karen posted a meme that I liked and thought I'd do. As I have nothing more to say, today seems like a good day to meme.

20 Random Things (of a Monday):

1) I hate peas, but like pea pods.

2) I would be a great candidate to go on that show where they remove you from your horrible wardrobe and re-instate you among the no longer horribly dressed. Actually, my clothes are not horrible, they are just so very the same: Pants or jeans and pullover tops. Today I am wearing khaki pants and a plum colored, long-sleeved, work appropriate cotton tee. I am very comfortable.

3) I did just get a new pair of boots, which I love, and are almost identical to the boots I bought and loved 20 years ago. You'll notice that I got them for 1/2 off. Makes them all the sweeter.

4) My hands are always cold, which feels good to the person who has a very sore throat, but not to the person with a very sore stomach. I apologize for this fact frequently, especially as the water in the exam room faucets never seems to get warmer than "tepid".

5) Yes, I do have a warm heart to go with them.

6) I have rather freaky eyes. They are generally bluish but turn completely teal if wearing a teal top. I have rather more teal in my wardrobe than necessary as I enjoy freaking people out with this little ocular quirk. No, they are not colored contacts.

7) I wore glasses from 2nd grade until my parents let me get contacts at the age of 15 and 1 day. If I am in my glasses and it is after, say 8 am, I am either very sick or feeling very lazy.

8) I would rather miss breakfast than miss a shower, and you all know how much I value food.

9) This morning, my stomach is happily mulling over granola and yogurt, banana, and coffee. It already has it's eye on the leftover lasagna for lunch. It will make due with the carrot sticks and grapes for snack, but will start harassing me about needing chocolate in about an hour. On a good day, I can fend it off until the afternoon. Most days, it gets a fix before 11 am.

10) I am currently exercising to 6 Feet Under and am finding it rather good.

11) I am addicted to Spider Solitaire and the Jawbreaker game on my PC and PDA, respectively.
12) I have very exuberant, but generally well behaved eyebrows. I pluck the few anarchists and can't fathom having them waxed. I use them extensively in my non-verbal communication.

13) I can also raise each eyebrow rapidly and alternately in turn. This usually gets a laugh.

14) I have recently discovered that Stoli Vanil is dangerously good on the rocks.

15) There is a 70% chance of snow in the forecast for tomorrow night. I am childishly excited about this.

16) I love nature documentaries, especially ones involving the ocean.

17) I am fascinated by astronomy and need to spend time with the telescope, something that has gone by the way with small children. I can see picking it up again, in a couple of years, as a family thing.

18) Almost all of my favorite things are presents from my husband, that I didn't ask for. He is marvelous at gifting me.

19) I do not floss adequately. I never have and probably never will. We all have our flaws.

20) The amount of dust on my desk, computer and desk accoutrements at work is appalling and I am unlikely to do anything about it in the near future.

So there we have it. Confessions or something. As always, I'd love to read this from any of you, but will refrain from formally tagging. Have a lovely, lovely day.



Blogger Rozanne said...

An appalling amt. of dust on the computer, eh? You are not alone.

I am surprised, however, that it wasn't eradicated during that pre-company cleaning rampage you went on a month (or so) ago. Notice that I like to pretend that if something was dusted a month ago, it would still be dust-free. That's the delusion I operate under (on?) anyway.

3:35 PM  
Blogger Teri said...

What a fun meme... I'll remember it for some day when I have time to actually compose a post before I post it. And the dust on the computer? i have so much of it that it is threatening to take over...

4:34 PM  
Blogger moegirl said...

nice post! I may do this myself...Your photos look as if you have found a little slice of heaven in Wisconsin...In #2 are you referring to the "what not to wear" show? I've watched that- I would endure the humiliation for the 5 grand of brand new clothes. As I remember you always looked good and in style! So, don't be to hard on yourself :-)

5:33 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

Rozanne- My home computer has only a few weeks of dust on it, the work computer, well, that is the appalling one... We won't even discuss the keyboard.

Teri- I knew you'd understand.

5:44 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

Stace- Yes, What Not To Wear. I love that show. I don't wear the horrible, just the completely monotonous. I'd do it, too, for the clothes as well as the hair. As for style, it is long gone, if it was ever there to begin with.

5:47 PM  
Blogger Cagey said...

Great meme - I will probably steal the idea in my continuing quest for Kid Free Posts!

Regarding breakfast vs. shower - I am a big believer in the daily shower. As a New Mom, I am horrified at the amount of people who have confided that they had a hard time getting the shower in when THEY were a New Mom. For me, NOT having a shower is a sure-fire recipe for Postpartum Depression. Seriously. The kid can scream for a few minutes! While shaving my legs these days is a luxury, rather than a chore, I must at least rinse my body and wash my hair.

10:13 PM  
Blogger brooksba said...

Fantastic post. I really enjoyed your 20 random things.

New boots rock and I am also addicted to Spider solitaire. My new thing with the game is to see how few moves I can make to win the easy level. So far I've managed to do it in a minimum 92 moves. Yes, I occassionally become OCD.

4:19 AM  
Blogger Diana said...

Cagey- I KNOW! I just don't understand the new mom / no shower thing, either. Bleh. Especially with all the fluids the little beggers spew all over you. 5 minutes under the hot and steamy does wonders.

Beth- I've become a glutton for failure and have been beating my head against the 4 suit level for months now. I've always considered OCD as a healthy thing.

9:15 AM  
Blogger listmaker said...

What a great meme and your pictures are spectacular. I'm in great envy of your open space and lovely garden.

12:03 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

Listmaker- Ah, nothing like former Wisconsin pasture for open space. Sort of like Montana in miniature. My mission word for the whole shebang is "arboretum". I figure I have 50 years, a shovel and a wheelbarrow. Sadly, there are a whole lotta rocks under this open space. Maybe a large rock garden.

1:26 PM  
Blogger CarpeDM said...

Confession #1: I love you.

Confession #1a: In a platonic, "why do you not live next to me so we could go to karaoke together" way.

Confession #1b: And drag Teri with us.

Anyway, you make me laugh. That is always good. I may even go and clean my room tonight in honor of it. Maybe.

6:26 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

Dana- 1) I love you, too!

1a) Well, natch, I knew what you meant. Ditto, except the karaoke, even with a vat of Stoli vanil.

1b) It is a looooong winter here in the frozen tundra. I think you, me and Beth will have to work on our darling, studious Teri and meet in the middle for some fun before the thaw. Maybe Keem and Beckyb will feel brave and want to meet such cool and loveable people as us. (Or maybe Teri will suddenly develop amnesia and disavow any knowledge of blogging or us, saving her reputation. Which will lead all of us to Milwaukee, cruising the neighborhoods, yelling her name out the car windows. Nope, she'd better meet up, less embarassment.)

Now, snap to it, missy! Hut! Hut! Hut! Clean that room! Hey, here's an incentive: Take a before and after photo, that way you will have to do the "after" to get the after shot! God, I'm brilliant, I am. There. You have a quest, Your Highness.

9:27 PM  
Blogger CarpeDM said...

But you don't need to sing! I promise. Just applaud madly whenever Beth and I sing.

I can just see us driving through the city yelling Teri out the window. That would be so damn funny. Until we got arrested.

1:20 AM  
Blogger Jamie said...

Number 7 could very well have been written by me, except everything changed when I finally (a) got a pair of glasses I didn't hate, and (b) started working at home.

I still notice that I feel groggier and dumpier and less prepared for whatever-may-come if I have not switched to my contact lenses.

10:00 AM  

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