Saturday, July 16, 2005

I'm Just Wild About Harry...

Well, I was going to compose this smart, thoughtful post full of wit and insight yesterday, all about what is going on in our lives. Alas, Blogger, spiteful imp that he is, decided that I just wasn't worthy to log in to my own blog until this morning. Hell, he didn't feel that I should be able to comment or see the blogs of my friends until late yesterday afternoon. He is like one of those evil step-parents in bad movies who are all sweetness and light when anyone is around and then, the moment you are alone together, takes away all your lovely plans, banishing you to your spartan room, without so much as a computer or phone for contact with your friends and then eats your post, er, Halloween candy.

So, why don't I just pack up and move in with my best-friend's family, with Typepad or somewhere else, where I am wanted and loved and valued and they will make all my favorite food and let me stay out all night if I want to?

Well, that would be because Blogger is free. Typepad would also charge me for the loss of communication and the eating of the chocolate. But, Blogger, if you do habitually mess up worse than the other blog-host sites, consider yourself warned. I will shimmy down the drainpipe and hit the road. May it be on your conscience if I end up dead in a ditch.

Anyway, as the entire Universe knows (or at least all of the Universe that matters), Harry Potter is coming out today, in fact has been out for the last several hours, since midnight. Like anyone with style, grace, wit, and good judgment, I am a fan. As I live quite a ways from a bookstore and can't manage to stay awake past 10 pm, my copy is not in my sweaty little palms but on a UPS truck speeding its way to my very doorstep as I type. Plus, I had a gift certificate, which made it FREE!!! Therefore, I will be basically out of commission until I have read it once, all the way through. I will, of course, then read it again, more slowly, like a cow chewing her cud. (Hi, Johnny, I know you already have your copy in your urban, bookstore strewn, hours earlier time zone and will not read this for a while, if ever, depending on when you come up for air.) Then, I will start all over with the first book and read them all the way through, yet again, so I don't miss any nuance and fill in any microscopic holes. So, if you hear from me very little, I am not in a snit, just enraptured. Marvelous Charles has said he will do much of the child wrassling this weekend. I will try to refrain from bringing it in the car on the drive to work, but I may lose that battle. (Relax, Charles drives. It is just that is the time we have that is purely our own.)

So there. What else.

-Charles and Colin have taken to going fishing of a Friday morning. Yesterday, Colin caught 6 fish (they release them as we just don't trust the water around here, isn't it sad?), including a large bass and a carp and a bluegill. I have no idea, either. I went fishing with my dad, too, and only caught a fish once. One fish. That trout got fried up and eaten, though. They are having oodles of fun and he is learning valuable tools, like how to string wriggly grubs onto hooks so they shimmy appealingly but don't fall off. Ew.

-I made a tasty, garlicy saute of eggplant, green beans, and, of course, zucchini for dinner, all out of our own produce. (Hush, Jamie, I know you are in your 4th harvest, but remember what it is like growing things here.) We have also harvested two (2) cherry tomatoes. In a week or 3, we should have the big ones coming on with a vengeance, though. The raspberries are popping along and the cucumbers are, well, prolific this week. Sara eats 3 as an after breakfast snack. I have made the first of many batches of zucchini bread with the first of many zucchini that have/will escape(d) my watchful harvesting and turned into a baseball bat. (sniff) They grow up so fast.

-The various squash plants are getting restless and have fled the confines of the 2+1/2 foot walls of the garden and are heading off to battle the thistles. Go squash! The cantaloupe and watermelon are just vines and flowers (just what I needed, more vines) and I think will not beat the frost. Live and learn.

So that, is basically, that.

Miss you already.

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Blogger Teri said...

Damn Blogger!

Your Garden sounds beautiful! And, as it's not yet August, don't start worrying about the watermelon and cantalope yet. It frequently gets HOT in August, and they may yet be okay.

The DNR puts out a list of which lakes and rivers are almost safe to eat the fish out of, and which are horribly polluted, and which fish you should eat or not and how often you should eat them. The fact that they have to do this is horribly, horribly depressing. I like to go fishing, but I don't like to fish, if you catch the distinction. I like being out in a boat on a pristine lake with nothing to do but relax, but skewering worms on hooks and touching and fish? Eeeeewwww. I'd rather not.

I've really gotta haul myself over to the bookstore one of these days. I hate crowds, and I missed the order online bandwagon, so I'm just gonna suck it up and wait until the mad rush dies down.

2:20 PM  
Blogger The Lioness said...


Seriously, there's abug that wipes out the templates, confirmed by Blogger. It deletes most of it and bye-bye blog. Happened to me 4 times but bcs I am anal re this sort of thing I have both the template and the posts/comments saved as .doc (copy-paste)

That being said, I've read it. Midnight to seven. Am a zombie today. Won't say anymore till you're finished. THEN we'll talk, oh yes we will!

4:46 PM  
Blogger Teri said...

Huh, i hadn't even considered saving my template...

that being said, it's problem better to save the template in a text file (like Wordpad) instead of in Word. Word adds invisible html tags to its documents, which causes hell with online publishing software.

7:32 PM  
Blogger Teri said...

grrrrrrr, more typos.

It's probably better.

7:33 PM  
Blogger Rozanne said...

I was going to defend Blogger, but the Lioness has got me scared.

Hmmm. I don't know if Typepad is that much better. A lot of people complain about it, too.

Anyway, enjoy the Half-Blood Prince. I have to say, I'm not a huge Harry fan. I read about 2/3 of the first one and never picked it up again. I know you will be shocked. Not that I thought it was a bad book. Not at all. I'm just not much of a fiction reader anymore.

Great that you are getting so much produce from your garden! I spied a cherry tomato with a hint of yellow-orange to it today. Not much to get excited about on that front.

8:23 PM  
Blogger The Lioness said...

Every time I think i'm on my way to nerddom people like you, Teri, show up. Hell! I will pretend I know what that meant and will change all to wordpad.

Typepad throws fit at times too, Rozanne. I will kindly not mock you for not liking the books for I am vastly generous. Vastly.

11:08 PM  
Blogger CarpeDM said...

Diana, I am so excited you have a new post! Yes! Life is complete. Which really means I need a Life in the most desperate way because yeah, you're a great writer and all but if this is the most exciting thing of my day, it's just really, really sad.

Anyway, waiting desperately to get my hands on Harry. Soon, soon, it will happen.

Fishing is not for me. I am a Pisces, after all, and it just horrifies me. Well, the actual reason is once I went fishing with my mom and I caught a fish, a very pretty sunny and I wanted to release it and my mom said no and she took it home in this ice cream bucket in the back seat and it stared at me the entire way back and totally creeped me out. I felt so guilty. That and the time I put a fish hook in my mouth (long story).

Enjoy the book. I hope the squash win. Damn thistles. And I always thought August was the hottest month which frightens me since it hit 102 here yesterday. Yuck.

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the record:

1. I love Harry.
2. I love Typepad. It has only erased a post once. And I know blogger is free, but Typepad is only $5/month. It's not like I'm paying out the wazoo.
3. Please share your zucchini bread recipe. Thanks.


3:18 PM  
Blogger Teri said...

So I'm a nerd, am I? ("Every time I think i'm on my way to nerddom people like you, Teri, show up. ")oh well, I've been called worse. Actually, any text editor (as opposed to word processing software) will do. I only know this because I once worked at a place that used online publishing, and the software company would come in about once a month and lecture people about not using Word to write their material because the HTML tags that Word adds cause problems in the online publications.

3:18 PM  
Blogger The Lioness said...

Hey, nerds are fabulous, I love nerds! It was a compliment!

Can I rant abt the book yet? Can I? Can I?

6:26 PM  
Blogger Teri said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:36 PM  
Blogger Teri said...

Sorry about the deleted comment there. I had an almost-witty comment about how even though I didn't have the book I had read the spoilers on a website, and I linked to the spoilers (they were supposed to be jokes) I had read, clicked publish, and THEN, only then, did I decide they were in poor taste...

So anyway, I'll close my eyes if you want to rant about the book. Go on! I'm not reading, nope. I'm not.

I'm stalking the comments section here, errrrr, making that hovering over the computer because I'm obsessively checking the status of my husband's flight, it's been delay half a dozen times, and I am NOT going to the airport tp pick him up until I have an ETA from the airline... la, la, la. hurry up and wait. (good grief, that's a long comment. Maybe I should go post on my own blog...)

6:59 PM  
Blogger The Lioness said...

"You stoopid woman!" ('Allo 'Allo reference)

Why you gone? Why oh why? WHY? Can I rant abt the book yet?

You lot hurry up and finish, I need to rant!

9:00 AM  
Blogger Mojavi said...

hmmmm.... I watched HP prisoner from azkaban last night and I got confused because Black Jack said lets kill him and then he all of a sudden didn't want to... can anyone explain, because I am going to buy all thge books and read them as soon as I am done reading " the tortilla curtain"

12:22 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

OK, I am at work (psycho Monday)and it is lunch and THE BOOK is home, so I type while I chew.

Teri- You give me hope re: the melons. (Shouldn't there be wee tiny fruit yet, though?) Thanks for the link for the DNR. I was going to eventually look up the lake but you saved me the effort. Kisses. There is a white plastic container on the hood of Charles's vehicle labeled "red worms". Bleh. Oh, and nerds? Nerds welcome and honored here. Especially nerds with nerdly info and skills that I do not have. Like anyone with any computer savvy. Like you and Johnny. Hope your husband got in ok and you didn't have to wait much longer. You probably already blogged about it, didn't you. I will get there.

Johnny- NO! NOT DONE YET! 150 pages to go. I will e-mail you when I am done, si? Then much disecting.

Rozanne- We still love you, despite your lack of obsessive fiction genre gene. The 1st book is not the best. In my opinion, they get progressively better by leaps and bounds through book 4. I thought book 5 was good, but not as good as 4. Judgement pending on book 6. That said, I did love the 1st book and flew through the first 3, then have been waiting on the subsequent ones as they came out.

Dana- I know what you mean about being all excited with updated posts when I have down time. Like getting good mail. Horrible memory about the dead fish eyeballing you all the way home. Don't parents know what this does to kids? Poor Charles was driving through the mountains one night with his parents as small kid. They kept pointing out all the evidence of wildlife out the window. All he could see were all the glowing green and red eyes.

Linda- I had remembered that you lost at least one post. I know Julia S has lost one or more and recently Getupgrrl did. $5, though is close to free. What do you get for the money? Bear in mind that I have absolutely no computer skills and had to have a friend help me put the blogroll in the right spot in the template. I am also ashamed to say that I have been unsuccessful with my initial efforts with Flickr to put a picture or 2 in. I just don't know what the hell I'm doing and haven't sat down and spent time. If somebody has the desire and time and wants to tutor me, I would be grateful. I would love to give you the zucchini bread recipe and will put it in a post this week unless no one else wants it and then I will just E-mail it to you via your blog E-mail. If you don't have it in a week, throw something at me.

Mojavi- YES! Read the books. So much is missed with the movies, although I think they do a good job getting the books into a 2 hour film. OK, now I have to go back and see which character Jack Black played. I am cursed with no memory for movies. It is so bad that it is a standing joke between Charles and I.

1:56 PM  
Blogger Cagey said...

re: Blogger - I compose (and keep) all my posts in a word doc. Then, I paste them into Blogger as they are ready to go. This has kept me from losing any posts. Overall, I am fairly happy with Blogger (except for the comments, but thankfully Haloscan took care of that mess). I also have a Typepad blog, but I like Blogger better.

2:17 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

Cagey- OK, you don't get off that easily, even if you are all pregnant and such. Why does Blogger work better for you? I neeeeed to know.

4:55 PM  
Blogger Teri said...

Diana, re: the wee melons (hoo boy, it's too late at night for me to say things like that - I keep snickering. I am so like an adolescent boy sometimes. It’s my husband’s influence, honest!)
My mother has a very, very green thumb and everything she touches grows, and all she has at this point are flowers, So I wouldn’t worry. Just go shoo some bees into your garden to pollinate the flowers.

11:05 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

Teri- You make everything better. Lots of bees nosing around all the flowers. Cool.

8:11 AM  
Blogger Jamie said...

Oh, I remember. Trust me, I remember.

Our squash vines are already to the point where the squash bugs have pretty much destroyed them. Get your garden in early and you'll reap something before the insects destroy you--that's the strategy around here. *sigh*

10:13 AM  
Blogger Diana said...

Jamie- NOOOOOO! That happened to us the year before last. It made me just sick as I watched. It was all visible from the kitchen window. First the zuchini then the cukes.

11:23 AM  

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