Sunday, July 16, 2006

S Is a Very Fine Letter for a Sultry, Sunny, Sticky Sunday

It's Sunday and it's horribly hot and humid, around 100 degrees. Too hot to go out and futz in the garden, although I have two butterfly bushes to plant and a bench to move to the back of the acreage. The planting should be easy enough, but will entail multiple holes as we try to find a place to put them that doesn't have miles of limestone a foot beneath the topsoil. Plants don't like to grow in solid rock. It makes them keel over and die, unless they are cactus-y or lichen-y type things.

So, to feel like I'm being productive while lounging inside in the bliss that is central air conditioning, I will dust off a meme that Teri tossed to me over a month ago, having mercifully given me the letter 'S' and not 'Q' or 'Z':

The 10 Things Meme:

Sara-- The obvious. My stubborn, silly daughter. Aged 3. And 1/2.

Son-- Also obvious, my Colin. Also silly but not quite as stubborn, unless it means deviating from the rules. He is all about the rules. He refused to ride the shopping cart in the plant store last week, something he loves to do, hanging on to the handlebar of the cart with both feet up on the undercarriage part as I push behind him. There was a 'no riding' circle with a bar across it symbol over a picture of a kid doing that same thing on the handlebar of the cart. Sara had no problem but Colin was horrified that we were BREAKING THE RULES, MOM! I'm going to hell. He's 7. I really, really hope he's like this during adolescence.

Shy-- We've gone over this, too. Quite shy and rather introverted. Doesn't bother me anymore but it sure used to.

Science-- I've always loved science. No kidding. Majored in biology with a chemistry minor, but got a Bachelors of Arts rather than one of Sciences. Made me giggle, my Bachelors of Arts in the Sciences. Well, what else are you going to do with all that Spanish you tested out of for college credit when you were in high school, I ask you? Just throw it away?

Sing-- Sara loves it when I (we) sing before naps and at night. Of course, the longer she keeps me singing, the longer she delays bedtime. Colin wasn't so wise. Whenever I tried singing to him as a tot, he'd get the most horrified look and slap both hands across my mouth with a firm, "NO singing, mommy!" I do not sing in public, though. No. That would be anti-shy.

Sigmoidoscope-- I've been told that I'm gifted in threading a flexible fiberoptic 'scope through the bowels of poor hapless patients. Mind you, it's not the patients, themselves who told me I had the gift, just the GI guys I learned from, and they are a notoriously sick, but fun lot.

Sphygmomanometer-- Um. I have a confession. I have a terribly twisted mind. There's this test, called the Mini Mental Status Exam. It's widely used as a fairly quick way to assess someone's basic thinking to point you along your medical diagnostic path. One part of the test is to repeat, and then name 5 minutes later, 3 objects. I usually choose: ball, tree and house. I have this yen to use one day: ball, idiopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis and sphygmomanometer. "What? You need me to repeat them? Again? And 5 minutes later, you can only remember 'ball'? Hmmmmm. I think we've a problem with your short term memory". Yes. I'm going straight to hell.

Scabiosa-- Just one of the 100 or so 'must have' flowers on my gardening list. What? Oh, yes. I love gardening. Didn't you know? [FYI: Scabiosa-- aka pincushion flower.]

Sayers, Dorothy L.-- My very favorite mystery writer. Sadly, dead for decades, but the books she wrote are, well, sigh.

Smartass-- Again, so self explanatory. I must make sure that I don't sit next to friends of a like nature in meetings, the temptation to make snide comments under my breath is nearly irresistible as it is. Sit me by a friend and we will end up in terrible trouble within 30 minutes, and that's if we are hidden in the back of a very large room.

So there it is. I return to work tomorrow and to some new duties, so I anticipate blogging will be a bit sporadic. Should anyone want me to assign a letter, I'd be quite happy to do so, even though this is quite passe by now. Picking a letter is probably not above my mental capabilities, although some might argue that.



Blogger karmic_jay said...

Loved your list. And it's our turn now here in the mid-atlantic region to get the sultry, sticky weather.

I really, really hope he's like this during adolescence.

Probably won't be, but if he does, that would be huge eh?

I remember Sphygmomanometer for some reason. :)

8:20 AM  
Anonymous Colleen said...

Shy Smartasses who only Sing in the car UNITE!!! Very cool list. You can assign me a letter, but if it's Q or Z it will end up being a bunch of words I found in the dictionary which most likely will reveal nothing about me.

10:03 AM  
Blogger Mother of Invention said...

Sunny hot and sticky way up here too! That flower you name just conjures up images of having to send Gr. 3 kids home with scabies!!! HA!

I should do the letter "T"..twisted!

10:29 AM  
Blogger Cagey said...

I heart Colin. I am a Rules Gal, myself. :-)

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Leigh-Ann said...

Scabiosa was a plant we wanted for our "Harry Potter garden". We'd see plants at the nursery, things like Bloodwort, Dragon's Blood, and Fairy Duster, and we figured we could make an entire garden of plants with freaky names.

As for "science", I'm just now reading the book, "The Radioactive Boy Scout" and I love it. I'm really enjoying reading about the historical relationship between Americans and radiation, for example, the time that people ate radioactive stuff because they thought it was healthy. Whoops.

12:02 PM  
Blogger brooksba said...

Fun! I like these and enjoyed your list. You are so creative and smart.

You know, you could also include: Super! Because you are.

I did this before (Teri assigned me the letter "T"). I might try it again if I got a different letter.

2:35 PM  
Blogger The Lioness said...

Ooh, a Dianeme, love these - but, 30 min?? You embarrass me, it takes you that long? For this I have raised you? Oh I am so absolutekly the same it's quite sickening, these sentences pop into my mind and more often than not out of my mouth. And hey, I am shy as well!

Scabiosa sounds like that thing the dog gave me and which then went undiagnosed for three months. Oh the galleries! Oh those nights! Oh the fun!

12:51 AM  
Blogger Diana said...

Jay- Aren't we nice to share the humid? It would mean many fewer sleepless nights if he continued to be Rules Boy.

Colleen- As I am in a magnamous mood (or maybe because I just plain like you muchly) let's bestow upon thee the letter 'R', which may be a curse in disguise, as it may be hard to limit yourself to only 10 things.

Ruth- Isn't it a horrid name for such a great plant? Yes. The letter 'T' for you.

Cagey- Except for the speed limit, as I recall. ;-)

Leigh-Ann- What a completely wonderful idea for a garden! I've got some lungwort and wolfsbane, now that I come to think of it. ("Can you tell me, Potter, the difference between aconite and wolfsbane?")

Beth- So snot strue! Sbut syou're sweet sto say so. How about the letter 'P' for thee?

Johnny- That's 30 minutes if at the back of the large room and clandestinely smarting off. I am, under NO circumstances, to sit next to my pal, the hopelessly smartass-y allergist. The entire administration wishes he would come down with intractible laryngitis.

8:36 AM  
Blogger moegirl said...

Like your list! Funny that Colin is such a rules guy. I hope it does last, but I wouldn't bet on it.

What I've always appreciated is that you are subtly smartass, which makes it even that much more funny! You can deceive people with your angelic face. I think you need to add smart to your list as well or at least super-intelligent.

2:42 PM  
Blogger listmaker said...

Great list, Diana. And, you must get pincushion flowers. I have several. I love their pretty little flowers and they're great in flower arrangements.

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Analytical Photogrammetric Positioning System. Probably not quite as cool as an idiopathic whosiwhatsit howyadoin. But, once you've seen what one can do... Gotta love the top end of pre-PC technology.


4:48 PM  
Blogger Babs said...

just the GI guys I learned from, and they are a notoriously sick, but fun lot

Ha!! And you wonder why I avoid certain tests LOL

2:37 PM  
Blogger CarpeDM said...

I adore you. Just so you know. I want to hide in the back of meetings with you and be a trouble maker.

This was cute. I did this as well. Teri gave me the letter J. Hmm. I wonder why.

If you want to throw a letter my way, go for it. It would be fun.

4:17 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

Stace- The fun of having a deceptively innocent face is that people who don't know me well spit things down their fronts when they hear less than angelic things that come out of my mouth on a regular basis. And I enjoy it.

Listie- I have little ones, big ones, blue, pink, purple and more blue ones. I can't resist them.

Cousin Z- See, smartassism is genetic. I blame Art. Of course, you and I seemed to inherit a double dose from each of our parents. Cheers!

Babs- Try it! You'll like it!

Dana- I adore you, too! Let's see...Lalalala lumps in my oatmeal. 'L' is for the way you look at me, 'O' is for the only one I see, 'V' is very, very extraordinary, 'E' is even more than anyone that I adore... How about the letter 'L'? See, I can be as subtle as Teri.

9:13 PM  

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