Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Turn III

And, so, we come to that fall back post series I reach for when I'm truly desperate for something to post: The turn about questions! You who have been with me for ages know how this works. I get to ask a series of pointless questions and I solicit your answers. It works both as a way to throw up a post without having a single damn thing to say (like that's any different, you'd quickly point out) and get those beloved comments flowing, because who doesn't like giving their opinion to a captive and supportive audience? As I am a fair and balanced person, I will answer in green. Green for the color of the grass and leaves that I am starting to pine for. (There, is that pathetic enough?)

1) What is the one food you would choose if you were condemned to eating only one thing for the rest of your life? Pie. Can't go wrong with pie. All sorts of pie to choose from: Shepherd's, sour cream apple, chocolate. Oh yes. Pie. You might even be able to finagle some sort of loophole and claim 'pizza' as 'pie', especially if you had some sort of New England/ New York/ New Jersey tie.

2) What famous person do YOU think you look like. Doesn't have to make sense to the rest of the world. Bridget Fonda. We've got the same chin and cheeks. I also like most of her stuff, so that's incentive to think I look something like her as opposed to, say, Andie MacDowell, who I have neither her chin, cheeks nor do I like pretty much any of her work.

3) What did you have for breakfast today? Some turkey lunch meat slices, 2 pieces of cranberry bread, coffee and 2 chocolate cookies. Oh, and a handful of peanuts. (Sugar, salt, caffeine, grease...yup. All 4 food groups well represented.)

4) Any vacations planned for the summer? Where? Bah. Sore subject with us. What fool asked this stupid question? We would dearly love to be able to journey back to The Old Country, (Portland, Oregon), but it will depend on Charles's summer class schedule. Bah. If that falls through, we hope to at least take a long weekend and head to northern Wisconsin or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which we should be able to reach by car in 1/2 a day. Woot! The life we lead. I do get to go to a training conference in New Orleans in a few months, but as I will be needing to cram scads of things in my brain, I will only be able to have a few hours to wander around the French Quarter before I leave. Oh well, better than nothing.

5) If you could bring anyone back to life for 5 minutes to yell at them, who would it be? Jim Henson. I'd berate him good for not treating his pneumonia in time. The world's gone to hell in a hand basket and needs his creative touch. The Muppets are not the same and he's to blame. He should still be alive and I'm pissed at him for not being so.

Aw, that's enough.

Your turn.



Blogger Ariella said...

Food I cannot live without: I know this is dorky, but I could happily eat citrus fruit every day for the rest of my life. And the bonus is that I will never, ever get scurvy! If, however, we're picking "non healthy" foods for this question then I'm going to choose very dark chocolate.

Person I Look Like: I don't think I look like any famous people, but someone (drunk) once told me that I looked like John Denver. Ugh...

What did you have for breakfast today: A Cara Cara navel orange and two slices of toast (homemade).

Any vacations planned for the summer: Well. We're renting a house up in Bayfield, WI for a month in July and August, so I suppose we'll be up there a fair bit. And, depending on whether I get a job, I will probably go out to NJ at least once for a visit to the family. My cousin is coming out to WI for a visit, too, so I don't know if that counts as a "vacation" for anyone but her!

Who would I bring back to life: Ha, my mother. But I probably wouldn't yell.

11:04 AM  
Blogger Mojavi said...

Italian Shepherds Pie

1 pound ground beef or turkey
1 pound ground Italian sausage (you can use frozen kind)
1 pkg spaghetti sauce seasoning
1 box instant garlic mashed potatoes
1 tub ricotta cheese
1 bag Italian shredded cheese
2 tubes of croissants (cheap kind)
1 can tomato sauce
1 can diced Italian seasoned tomatoes

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Brown beef and sausage together. Add pack of spaghetti sauce seasoning to meat (do not add water or anything). Make both packets of instant potatoes. Spread croissant on bottom and sides of a 9x10 baking pan. Pour meat on top of croissant, spread ricotta on top of meat. Layer half of shredded cheese on top of ricotta, layer mashed potatoes on top of cheese, spread the rest of cheese on top of mashed potatoes. Bake 30 minutes.

Take the cans of tomatoes sauce and tomatoes and heat on stove with a dash of sugar and 1 tsp corn starch to thicken if you like.

Serve with sauce on the side or pour over each serving.

This is so easy to make and we love it!!!!!!!!!!! Serves like 10! Or dinner for a couple days.

11:52 AM  
Blogger Voyager said...

1. Bread. Warm, crusty, or nutty & grainy, I love it all.
2.I've been told Hayley Mills. But that was 20 years ago.
3. English muffin and old cheddar. Oh, and tea.
4.I'm stuck on 4. dreaming of travel is what I do all day anyway, and I'm working on a post about my incurable wanderlust. What? You asked other questions after this one? Didn't notice.

12:41 PM  
Blogger brooksba said...

Have you had orange pie? I have a desire for orange pie.

A vacation sounds wonderful. I hope you do get to get away this summer with the family.

2:51 PM  
Blogger Patti said...

1. Yogurt, with fruit.
2. Val Kilmer. We were watching him in a movie, and my son asked if he were my brother.
3. Yogurt, with fruit. And coffee. 2 cups. I want another cup now.
4. Mexico, maybe. Somewhere by the ocean.
5. My dad. "How can you expect me to raise my kids without their grandpa!!"

3:26 PM  
Blogger Lisa P said...

1/ Pie doesn't count (well, ok, if it does, then I'm going with that too. Mmmm blueberry w/ice cream, banana/coconut from Perry's on Fremont, Turkey pot pie and yes, pizza pie.
2/ In my younger years I looked like a Kate Hepburn in her younger years.
3/ A honey oat bar from Jenny Craig, 1 cup non-fat mild and coffee w/ soy creamer.
4/ We're going to Sunriver in a couple weeks for an OHSU Musculoskelatal conference (it'll be our free spring break). I'm earning a trip to Cancun for this summer. We'll send the kids to "Camp Kelly" - Greg's sister and our 2 nieces live in Denver. We go on group camping trips (just an excuse to not bathe, eat lots, drink lots and play).
5/ Hmmmmm. I'd bring my Dad back, but not to yell. Just to hug and say "Hi, I miss you" to. Can't think of anyone I'd want to yell at... (Although someone should bring Anna Nicole Smith back to tell her to get her life in gear before it's too late... Ah, well anyway...).

4:13 PM  
Blogger Lisa P said...

2/ "milk", not "mild"

4:15 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

Ariella- Ach! I should have pelted you with the pile of grapefruit we have been slowly plowing through for the past week when you were over. We've eaten scads and there's still a large bowl of them. John Denver??? You look nothing like him. They must have been halucinating pretty badly to think that.

Mojavi- Thanks for the 'pie' recipe. That does look yummy. I'm guessing you could go even easier and use those ready-made refridgerator section mashed potatoes as well. Perfect for a cold day.

Voyager- Oh, yes! bread. Is there bread pie? Hayley Mills is cool. T'will be hard to top the Africa trip.

Beth- Orange pie? Nope, never. Fresh oranges? Cooked? Is there cream involved? Elucidate!

Patti- You know, Val Kilmer makes a pretty woman. Can't remember where I've seen him in drag, but I remember seeing it. Coffee is lovely.

Lisa- (Hi Honey!) Feh! Of course pie counts. What is this post for but to cheat! Any cream pie is divine. I'm trying to think if I've ever had a pie I didn't like. I don't think there has been. I never thought of it, but I can see the Kate Hepburn in you. (But not the voice!) That OHSU conference sounds great. Someday we need to keep our promise to drag the families and conference together. Maybe when Charles is done with the classes??? Your dad was so wonderful. I still can't believe he's gone.

5:49 PM  
Blogger moegirl said...

1. Chocolate
2. People have said I have Myrna Loy's nose (Nora in The Thin Man, plus numerous roles in the '30s/40s) and one very complimentary person said I resembled Ingrid Bergman. I'd like to believe that!
3. Mocha from Peet's coffee
4. Sunriver
5. JFK- "For God's sake, don't go to Texas!"

10:05 PM  
Blogger Teri said...

1. stale peeps. Just kidding! but much as you cheat, I do too: salad. Fruit sladm garden salad, chef salad, pasta salad, chicken salad, egg salad...
2. uhhhh, uhhhhhhh...can I use my phone-a-friend? I can't think of a single samous person that I might look like...
3. Coffee. Because who bloody has time to eat breakfast in the morning?
4. Camping. not big, but so far that's it...
5. I'm tired of yelling at people...

11:02 PM  
Blogger Teri said...

oh, and p.s. to ariella - if you're going to Bayfield, you simply must get out to the Apostle Islands. Madeleine Island is nice, but the ones further out that aren't as commercial are even better....

11:04 PM  
Blogger Lauren said...

1) I think I would have to pick cereal. I thought maybe ice cream but I don't think I could sustain that for forever.

2) I don't think I look like anyone famous. I don't know if that is good or bad.

3) I didn't eat breakfast yet unless you count my gum. I am planning on eating cinnamon roll oatmeal. Yum.

4) I would love to go to Disney world but sadly that probably won't happen. If it counts we are staying overnight in a hotel in March so that we can visit a Bass Pro store. Did I mention it is attached to a mall?? Sad, I know.

5) I don't know who is dead that I would yell at. I would really like to bring my grammy back for a good hug. I miss her soooo...

9:02 AM  
Blogger Babs said...

1) God. I'd have to pick, um, can't I just say seafood in general?? IF forced to choose, I will say Oysters Rockefellers. But that's with a gun to my head.

2)Thanks to Muriel and her god damned wedding, the niece swears I look like Toni Collete. So I'll go ahead with that. I hate ABBA, though. Know this.

3)It's 9 AM, but I woke at 4 yesterday afternoon. And haven't been to bed yet. As my clock is back to front again. So technically, last nights dinner was my breakfast. That was sausage and peppers with a side of rice. Chocolate ice cream for dessert. I haven't had anything since. This may explain my current headache.

4)Vacation?? Ha!! Oh what the hell, I'll pretend I'm going to land some fablous publishing deal since I'm delirious from lack of sleep at the mo, and plump for Ireland in August. Isn't happening, but hey!! It sounds good!!

5) That would be my great-great grandfather, for not telling one god damned person (well, ok no one who LIVED long enough) what fucking county in Ireland he came from. Which would save me a TON of time in Research Genealogical. I'm still looking. The treacherous bastard. Oh we will have words!!

9:22 AM  
Blogger Diana said...

Stace- Honestly? Definitely Ingrid Bergman. I can sort of see the Myrna Loy, but you do have more Bergman. So believe it. And I hope you'd slap JFK, too, for good measure.

Teri- (snicker!) Salad is a good choice, healthy, sustaining, varied. (Camping at a ground near me???) Yes. You're excused from any yelling.

Lauren- Personally, thinking of several famous ones, that's probably in the 'good' category. Shopping is never sad.

Babs- Now I need to see Muriel again. (I was sooo into ABBA as a pre-teen, but have matured my tastes, thankfully.) HEY! Have you ever seen the movie "Matchmaker"? If not, you MUST. Brilliant. Could be written by you in honor of your g.g.grandfather. Set in Ireland. Has Dennis Leary. Go see if the library can get it for you. Came out in the late '90s, I think. Go now, well, after you've had a bite and a sup.

10:40 AM  
Blogger CarpeDM said...

Tried commenting yesterday but blogger was being stupid. Grr.

Okay, food? Bread and butter. I cannot live without bread and butter. Maybe we'll make this cheese sandwiches because then I could make grilled cheese or cheesy bread as well.

I've been told I look like Roseanne but I think pretty much that was generic "You're a hefty brunette" talk. I was once told I looked like Bruno from Fame but that was many, many years ago.

Breakfast was corned beef sandwiches with pepper jack and co-jack cheese and wasabi mayo. Yum. I tend to eat my lunch first.

I'm going to Denver in May to see my old roommate. That'll be fun. It will be Keem's first plane trip so I'm going to have to be the mature one and pretend I'm not afraid of flying.

My grandmother to say "Yeah, could you please get your heart checked out?" And I would like to get my hands on whatever relative that decided settling in Minnesota was a good idea. Although 48 degrees yesterday was pretty nice.

10:07 AM  
Blogger Rozanne said...

I am going to be so bummed out if you don't make it to PDX yet again. Remember you told me to mark my calendar for 2007. That said, the UP is fantastic. Do both!

I once uploaded a photo of myself to some computer analysis site that scanned my face and told me that I most closely resemble--wait for it--Andie McDowell. So we have that in common. Not that either of us is at all pleased by that. Ew.

12:13 PM  

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